It is expected that the property be kept reasonably clean and this is also a tenancy agreement requirement.

Walls, switches, power points, skirting, doors and doorways – keep these free from marks and dirty finger marks.

Cobwebs/dusting – remove cobwebs to windows, walls and ceilings. Keep vents dusted. Light fittings and ceiling fans – dust them regularly.

Blinds – keep these cleaned and dust-free

Windows/sills/window tracks and flyscreens – keep these regularly cleaned and dusted.

Floors – keep these regularly swept and mopped. Floors in the kitchen and wet areas may need to be scrubbed to keep surfaces, tiles and grouting looking clean.

Ventilation – ensure that all rooms are kept adequately ventilated to avoid problems associated with condensation, causing mould and possible health problems.

Wet Areas, bathroom, toilet and laundry grouting/tiles – ensure all tiles are kept free from grime, soap scum and mould.

Air Conditioners – regularly clean any filters and intake vents to ensure there is no build-up of dirt and/or dust, and that the unit is able to draw in air effectively, not hindering performance.

Please also note that if an air conditioner breaks down due to filters and vents not being kept clean, costs to rectify the damage or even replace the unit may be charged to tenants. This may also apply to some heating units.

Heaters – tenants must ensure any combustion heaters are kept clean of ash build up, and also ensure a protective mat is placed in front of the heater to protect against coals and ash falling out and singeing/damaging carpets or floors.

Potted Plants – must be kept outside the residence at all times. Potted plants placed inside on hard surfaces like tiles and linoleum, may leave a circular indent, stains and damage.

Aquariums – like potted plants, aquarium stands can leave rust marks to floors and can cause carpet rot if placed on carpets.

Tenant painting – tenants should not paint any part of the property themselves, painting can only be carried out by experienced, professional painters with our written permission.

Smoke Alarms – if you believe for any reason the smoke alarm/s installed are not working, or the batteries are not functioning, please let us know immediately.

Picture Hooks – if you wish to install any new picture hooks, please let us know in writing what type of hooks you wish to use.

Washing or dry cleaning curtains – most curtains and netting are machine washable but it is vitally important that you check the labels before you wash them. Incorrect washing could result in damage and may need to be replaced at your cost. If in doubt contact your property

House cracking and movement – please let us know if you notice any cracks to walls, ceilings and movement. If cracks were in place when you moved in, please let us know if you notice them worsening or growing larger.

Termites – will quickly eat through a property and can cause extensive damage. Signs like wood becoming brittle (doorways, skirting boards, wood roof beams etc). Wood lying around outside and even wooden furniture outside can attract and encourage them.

Dripping outdoor taps next to the house can also cause damp and favourable conditions for termites to be attracted. If you see any signs of termites, or termite damage please bring this to our attention immediately.

Pools and spas – it is law that swimming pools or spas on private residential properties in QLD have current pool compliance.

Leaking taps – report any taps leaking either from a tap head or tap handles.

Lawn maintenance – ensure that lawns are regular mowed, edged and weeded, keeping them neat and tidy. Should you wish to have someone regularly mow your lawn, let us know and we would be happy to recommend a service provider to you.

Rubbish – please ensure any rubbish is regularly removed from the property. Formal household rubbish and waste must only be placed inside rubbish containers (i.e. wheelie bins) and removed weekly from the property, or otherwise as required.


If during your tenancy, the property is put up For Sale, there are certain rights and obligations you have as a tenant. Rest assured you cannot be asked to vacate at a moment’s notice. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to speak with one of our friendly staff.


Under extreme circumstances a lease can occasionally be broken. There are penalties involved with this and the named tenant/s are ultimately responsible for the lease until a new and approved resident is found. Please refer to your lease for further information.


Rent will be charged until the day the keys are returned. Please allow 2 business days for a final inspection to be carried out.